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What is the CIP system?
It is a grouted macadam, a 2 part process comprising an open graded asphalt that is flooded with a high strength microsilica based mortar. It is more than just a wearing course forming a integral part of the overall pavement construction.

What makes the system so unique?
CIP has an extensive world-wide history spanning over 15 years in the UK & over 20 years worldwide and is a truly tried and tested product. Our Danish partners specialise in the production of ultra high strength mortars (up to 470MPa) which when forming part of a grouted macadam deliver functional properties such as excellent wear and durability, strength, chemical resistance, impermeability, ability to withstand freeze thaw cycles.

What does DSP technology stand for?
DSP stands for Densified systems containing homogenously arranged ultrafine particles, and is the technology that lies behind our manufactured high strength mortars. It is the result of years of intense research into microsilica, cement technology and the dense packing of ultrafine particles.

Where can you use a Grouted Macadam?
You can use a Grouted Macadam anywhere there is a requirement for concrete. Typically in areas that are heavily trafficked by HGV vehicles or specialist handling equipment. The system can be used in a wide variety of market sectors including warehouse & distribution, bus depots, manufacturing plants, waste management sector, airports and ports just to name a few.

Does Grouted Macadam withstand trucks slewing on the surface?
The system is an alternative surfacing system to concrete and is used in heavy duty environments. Yes it can withstand HGV trucks slewing about on it and will not puncture, rut or deform when subjected to heavy loads from dynamic movements/loads.
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