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Product Overview
All CIP products have an extremely dense structure with very low water content based upon the principle of DSP technology and share the following properties:

Our Technology
Bridges Rehabilitation
Prefab Elements

High Strength
• Wear resistance
• Bearing capacity - resistance to point loads
• Impact resistance

Extreme Density
• Bacterial growth inhibited, as the dense structure provides no opportunity.
• Impermeable
• Open to diffusion of water vapour - bonding in ensured and the topping will not buckle even when the base concrete contains moisture.
• No membrane required
• Good chemical resistance - the dense structure permits only limited chemical attack.
• Chloride-resistant - salt cannot penetrate the topping and reach the base concrete
• Dust free - the toppings have no loose surface particles.

Low Water Content
• Freeze-thaw resistance - the toppings are unaffected by repeated temperature fluctuations.
• Low electrical conductivity

Environmentally Neutral
• Pure mineral product - environmentally friendly in installation and use.

Early Trafficking
• The toppings can normally be trafficked within 24 hours of laying at 20ºC ambient temperature.
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